Print Shop - Christmas Deal Now Available Online

Great news, after a high demand of requests to purchase my Yellow’s on Yellow’s print, as seen on SkyTV’s latest Sky Arts series “My Greatest Shot” I’m pleased to share that you can now buy this print on my website amongst other food photography prints from my collection.

Feeling festive, I’ve reduced the price for all food prints in the shop for those who are interested in purchasing any prints, I’ve also included free delivery for all U.K. orders.


Special thank you to those who have contacted me on the side and shared your kind words regarding my TV debut, it was a really nerve-wracking experience seeing my face on TV and talking about my work in such detail publicly.

If you missed last week’s food episode with myself and Jonathan Gregson, you can now stream it on SkyGo and NOW TV.

Thanks again to Tern TV for making this happen and Adobe for partnering up with this series. 

TV Debut - My Greatest Shot - Sky TV’s latest series on Sky Art’s

I’m thrilled to announce that tomorrow night at 8:30pm, I will be featured on Sky Arts @skytv new TV show “My Greatest Shot” in partnership with @adobe where I’ll be discussing my food photography process and how I pick my greatest shot! Feel free to view this episode if you have Sky, SkyGo or Freeview tomorrow night.

Special thanks to the awesome team @terntv for making this happen and to @robgreigphoto for the fab promo photos. ❤️

PERSONAL: Lux: New Wave of Contemporary Art exhibition

Last week I took a trip to the Lux exhibition at 180 Strand. The immersive exhibition reached beyond my expectations. There was so much to see at this exhibition and I believe the collaboration of artists was a perfect collection that leaves you feeling completely inspired throughout. Here are some of the shots that I took from my day.

PORTRAIT: Darren Johnson at Noise Tank Records

Last week Darren Johnson at Noise Tank Records came to my studio for some portrait shots. The idea of this portrait was to create something that reflected his brand. Knowing that his music was quite dark and moody, I decided to use a Low Key two-tone lighting setup with a blue gel filter and red gradient. 

PERSONAL: Alice in Wonderland exhibition at V&A museum

Yesterday I went to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the V&A, although I didn’t love the exhibition that much I found the dinner table projection bit to be really inspiring and believe it could potentially be a good idea to extend this idea to something for food photography perhaps so I thought it would be a good idea to store this in my blog as a reference. Here are some shots below of the exhibition.

PERSONAL: Spark Alice Weddings - Tablescapes

At the beginning of the month, I went to Hitchen Lavendar farm to shoot some tablescapes with Hannah Newman at Spark Alice Weddings. Here is a short selection of some of my favorite shots from the day. 

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