At a time just before Covid in 2019, I was welcomed into people’s homes to document their relationship with their personal space - “Home”. Shot in various households around London and Brighton, the project features sitters between the ages 20 - 68 from diverse backgrounds. The portraits disclose, age, occupation, how much they pay for rent/how much they purchased their home for and how long they have lived in their home.

Janelle Borg Age: 22 Location: Brighton Date: 22.09.19 Lived here for: 1 month Home Owner: No Pays: £450 p/m Occupation: Musician

Leanne Zammit Age: 22 Location: Brighton Date: 22.09.19 Lived here for: 1 month Home Owner: No Pays: £410 p/m Occupation: Musician

Shanta Bhagwandin Age: 47 Location: London, Tooting Broadway Date: 30.09.19 Lived here for: 20 years Home Owner: Yes Paid for home: £84,000 / 20 years ago Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager

Kirsty McCormack Age: 31  Location: London, St Johns Wood Date: 02.07.19 Lived here for: 3 months Home Owner: No Pays: £850 p/m Occupation: Writer

Maria Pearson Age: 27 Location: London, Brixton Date: 13.07.19 Lived here for: 6 months Home Owner: No Pays: £620 p/m Occupation: Actress

Valerie Stewart Age: 20 Location: London, Soho Date: 05.08.19 Lived here for: 1 year Home Owner: No Pays: £750 p/m Occupation: Actress

Andy Commons Age: 42 Location: London, Haggerston Date: 10.08.19 Lived here for: Undisclosed Home Owner: No Pays: £450 p/m - Council Flat Occupation: Photographer

Katherine Gardener Age: 40 Location: London, South Woodford Date: 11.08.19 Lived here for: 5 years Home Owner: Yes Paid: £375,000 Occupation: Copy Writer

Tanya Cowan and Daughter Age: 40 Location: London, Finchley Date: 31.08.19 Lived here for: 5 months Home Owner: Yes Paid for home: Undisclosed Occupation: Creative Director

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