FEATURE: The Luupe - Collection of Swimming Pool Photos

Today my Bondi Beach photo was featured on the Luupe blog, amongst a collection of other Pool Photos.  For the full feature please have a look at the post here.

The following feature/statement can be found below;

Cool Down With This Refreshing Collection of Swimming Pool Photos

A collection of swimming pool photos from around the world, curated by The Luupe.

Because it’s peak summer, we’re hot and sweating, and we really just want to cool down.

Swimming pools are a place of community, family, and escape. They’re a refuge from the heat and a trying year. A place to come together.

We wax nostalgic, hopeful, live vicariously, dream of traveling far away, and celebrate one of the most joyful rites of summer.

Let’s dive in.

Bondi Beach. Sydney, Australia. © Hayley Benoit

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